About Us

About Us:


Cotton Candy Lashes was started by me, Cassandra. 


Before my love for lashes, I worked as a chef! Working as a chef wasn’t for me, I didn’t have a love for food, but I had a love for perfection. With the unsociable hours and stress that came with the job role I decided to have a career change and fulfil my passion for beauty! 


This passion began when I started getting my lashes done, from the love of this I decided to train in the art if eyelash extensions with Lash Perfect in 2008. I had always had in mind starting my own business and I decided to launch a strip lash brand, for those who couldn’t keep on top of their semi-permanent lashes.I found it hard working as a Chef to keep on top of my lashes with not being able to make appointments. This strip lash brand would be luxury quality at a fraction of the price making lashes accessible to all!


And so here I am now having launched my lash brand “Cotton Candy”. My aim is to deliver beautiful lashes for those who were in a similar position to me and make us feel beautiful where we can! I understand not all girls can have the luxury of eyelash extensions due to work circumstances, so the strip lashes are here for us all to feel beautiful when we want to be! 


I hope you love our collections!


Cass x